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Reckoning with our current reality and taking steps towards a resilient future requires an interdependent, regional approach. The catalyst for transformation often starts with dynamic leaders who see the potential within their business, organization, industry, or community. Leadership Redwood Coast is a regional leadership program to amplify the momentum of emerging leaders and established leaders who can guide us as we navigate towards a thriving economy while prioritizing environmental sustainability and inclusive communities.

Please join us in investing in our region’s most valuable resource - our people - in ways that foster their success, and the flourishing of the Redwood Coast region.

By Investing in these Programs, You Will...

Provide access for diverse leaders to experience firsthand the unique strengths, timely opportunities, and complex problems our region faces.

Foster practical leadership skills in dynamic individuals to amplify their impact and drive collective progress.

Help to broaden leaders' understanding of how policies, industry, infrastructure, culture, and media impact our shared economy and quality of life.

Strengthen collaborative ties throughout our region that will have a lasting effect on individuals, communities, and our shared future.

How to Get Involved


Do you know a local leader who could speak to one of the key issues or opportunities our region faces? An interesting business or venue that we should meet with when our program comes to your county? Please share your ideas with us at

If you or someone you know would like to invest in this regional leadership program, you may download our sponsorship packet or complete the form below to schedule a time to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

If you or someone you know could be a potential candidate and would be interested in participating in this regional leadership program, fill out the contact form on the home page. Our staff will be in touch soon.​




Sponsorship Opportunities

Learn more about becoming a Sponsor for LRC 2024, download the file below or contact Nancy Olson at to learn more.


Fill out the form and we'll send you more information about becoming a Sponsor. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

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